Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Pet Hospital: 01743 465554 / Vet Surgery: 01743 352274

Emergency Service

If our own pets (or our family, which our pets essentially are) needed emergency care outside of normal surgery hours, we would want to find first class treatment . At Pearl Veterinary Group, we think that our patients deserve the same level of care that we would want for our own pets. That’s why we are open for emergencies from 8am to 10pm weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday. Our phones are always answered by our own duty nurses who will give advice or give details of  the duty vet, if your pet needs seeing.
Similarly, we are proud to be the only practice in Shrewsbury who provides round the clock nursing care of their patients. So, if your pet needs to stay the night with us, our duty nurse will be on site, at Shrewsbury Pet Hospital, with them.

The majority of emergencies, requiring a dedicated Veterinary team, will happen before 10pm. For this reason we have extended our opening hours to provide this cover within our own hospital at normal daytime fees. On the rare occasions clients require a vet outside of these hours, we have joined a dedicated emergency team based in Wellington called Vets Now. The main advantage of this team is that they have not been awake all day and are highly trained in emergency medicine. This allows our own team of vets to be fully focused on your pets during the day, especially when they need us most, in theatre. The emergency number remains the same 01743 465554 and our night nurses will be there to give advice and help.

Pet Hospital

2 Longbow Close

Tel: 01743 465554

Veterinary Surgery

Maxfield Drive
Off Oteley Road

Tel: 01743 352274