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Micro Chip

Getting your pet back if they go missing…

Most cats love to explore and most dogs love to run free. However, sometimes their enthusiasm to roam can get them lost or into trouble. If your pet were to become lost does he or she have a nametag or microchip so they can be returned to you?

Pet microchip

Another way to give your pet the best chance of being returned to you is to have a microchip fitted. This means that even if your pet loses their collar (cats collars are designed to come off if they get snagged on something), they can be traced back to you by the Police, RSPCA or another vet. If you would like your pet to be fitted with a microchip call 01743 352274/465554 for more details.

Pet tags

A simple pet nametag with your phone number (or ours if you would prefer) could mean your ‘best friend’ is returned to you as soon as he or she is found. Custom engraved and made in brass, acrylic or nicron a pet tag from Pearl Veterinary Group will only cost between £4.30 and £6.95. A small price for extra peace of mind. Please come in to reception to order yours today.

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