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Pet insurance is very much on the increase, but it may seem a mine field of small print when trying to choose the right company for you and your pet.


The Veterinary profession has for years tried to encourage owners to insure their pets. It may seem that this is purely for their own financial gain, but this is far from the truth. When a vet is presented with an uninsured pet that requires expensive treatment, a fractured leg or long term heart treatment for example, he has a difficult decision to make when money is not available to continue treatment.

When presented with an animal that is insured the peace of mind for both client and vet is that the pet can receive the best treatment available.
Examples- A 2 year old labrador that eats a pair of tights. Cost of Exploratory laporotomy to remove the tights, plus intensive hospitalisation to recover from this major surgery £800. Now consider the fact that this could happen again! As with many dogs eating strange objects is second nature to them.

The 5 year old Daschund that develops Diabetes. Initial cost can be £300 plus monthly cost of more than £50 for the rest of the pet’s life.

The epileptic 3 year old that requires an MRI scan to rule out any brain tumours, cost £1,500.

Not all conditions are as dramatic as these, just a simple skin condition can cost thousands over a life time to treat.

Many people feel that we, as the practice, must gain some reward from ‘selling’ pet insurance. Well we do….. THE KNOWLEDGE THAT WE CAN PROVIDE YOUR BELOVED PET WITH THE BEST TREATMENT.

After all that is why we are here!

So which company?

As a profession we deal with many insurers, many of them specialise in house and car insurance, but only one deals purely with pets.. PETPLAN. We recommend them, not because they are the cheapest but because we know that they listen to us the profession and know what they are doing when it comes to settlement of claims.

How do we take out a policy?

It could’nt be simpler. The ideal time is when you are visiting the Vet for a first vaccination or an annual booster. This way a health declaration can be signed and a policy started with immediate cover, also getting 2 MONTHS FREE!

Ask any of our trained staff for any help in choosing the right policy, we are here to help.

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