Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Pet Hospital: 01743 465554 / Vet Surgery: 01743 352274

Free Advice

Do You Need FREE Telephone Advice About Your Pet’s Health?

Pearl Veterinary Group are Shropshire’s Pet Specialists. There really is very little that your pet will need that we cannot provide, in fact everything from boosters to brain scans. We specialise in treating very ill animals, but maintaining your pet’s health is our priority.

Our move to maximise pet health care (animal health care) involves preventative treatments such as vaccinations against fatal infections, parasite control, involvement in local animal charities, neutering schemes and, of course the treatment of ill animals. All of our surgeries and our hospital are an animal health centre and more, each is a centre of veterinary excellence with state of the art facilities and experienced, qualified staff. Each is involved in treatment and preventative animal health care and equally able to provide the care and support that you and your pet needs.

To make it as easy as possible for our clients to keep their pets as healthy as possible we have introduced several health schemes:

  • Health Care Plan – our discount, monthly payment plan for all of your pet’s preventative health care needs.
  • FREE telephone advice

It is obviously ideal for us to examine a patient that needs our care, in order to make a diagnosis and give the correct advice, and our staff are available 24 hours a day for clients registered with Pearl Veterinary Group. If you are not registered with us however, our experienced nurses and vets will still be happy to advise you over the telephone, if you have any concerns.

Pet Hospital

2 Longbow Close

Tel: 01743 465554

Veterinary Surgery

Maxfield Drive
Off Oteley Road

Tel: 01743 352274