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Physiotherapy – Pearl Pet Rehabilitation Unit


Emma Dainty ACPAT Cat.A, MCSP, SRP (Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy)


As a qualified animal physiotherapist, Emma has been part of the Pearl Referrals team since 2005, and has been instrumental in the successful recovery of many orthopaedic and spinal cases.

A complete and dedicated rehabilitation unit has now been opened at Shrewsbury Pet Hospital. The unit includes an underwater treadmill, allowing controlled hydrotherapy to be added to our physiotherapy treatment

All surgical orthopaedic and spinal cases seen at Pearl Referrals now benefit from a complementary rehabilitation session in which a full veterinary and physiotherapist assessment allows a programme of treatment to be tailored to each case. The programme may include physiotherapy exercises including hydrotherapy or whatever combination is suited to the patient and their owner.

There is no doubt that rehabilitation improves recovery after surgery, but it can also greatly benefit chronic mobility problems such as osteoarthritis, soft tissue injuries and spinal problems. Rehabilitation can vastly improve a patients quality of life and be used as an adjunct to medication or even as an alternative to medication.

Primary referrals for rehabilitation are now being accepted, so please feel free to call and discuss your cases. If you have a patient that has had surgery and is slow to improve or needs to recover to the best level possible, or a patient with chronic mobility problems, we would be happy to see them. But please remember that your patients will only see qualified and experienced staff at the Pearl Pet Rehabilitation Unit.

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